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Commercial Decorative Concrete

Integrity Concrete Plus offers custom flooring for all our commercial clients. With endless design options to meet your aesthetic requirements. From department stores and shopping malls to independent shops, our quality of work and the products we use will not only compliment your design theme but will also provide long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance.

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Stained cement floors can make your space go from meh to magnificent after Integrity Concrete has put it's touch to it. 

We work with only industrial grade products and materials to give your commercial property the quality of craftsmanship it deserves. We specialize in decorative concrete and know concrete better than most. We pride ourselves in the unique and beautiful aesthetics we create. 


This particular floor is truly one of a kind. This is impossible to replicate as we create unrepeatable flooring designs. This specialty flooring system is a high build, self leveling, fluid applied floor coating. Engineered for commercial and residential. Durable, long lasting and aesthetically unique. Let Integrity Concrete Plus give your floor a one of a kind look!

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Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, stamped concrete and overlay is an affordable choice to change the aesthetic appeal to your property. With low maintenance and durability.  Stamped concrete works beautifully with outdoor patios or walkways. We have several of stamp styles and colors to choose from to give you only the best options and material in concrete. 


At Integrity Concrete Plus we not only know concrete but we specialize in decorative concrete. There isn't much we can't do when it comes to concrete. If your company has a logo design you would like to incorporate, whether it be inside or out. Our team of experts can display/incorporate that design in any of the floor systems we install. 

decorative concrete contractor commercia


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