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Concrete Slab & Structural Concrete 

When choosing Integrity Concrete Plus, our commercial concrete services includes; supplying, forming, reinforcing, pouring and finishing concrete. You are not only choosing quality craftsmanship but knowledge and experience that give results. 

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Concrete slabs for commercial  projects are an integral asset to structural engineering and if you’re building a new commercial property, our professionals can provide you with high quality slab on grade technology. Whether it is a typical slab on grade or a post tension reinforced slab on grade, Integrity Concrete Plus has the solution.

We have experience with all types of commercial concrete slab projects, including:

  • Complexes & Condos

  • Retail

  • Elevated Slabs

  • Parking Lots and Parking Decks

  • Restaurants, Bars & Breweries

  • Production Facilities

  • Retail Slabs

Integrity Concrete Plus has been a reputable commercial concrete contractor servicing Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. We understand a concrete foundation for commercial properties as the most important support of a building and treat each project with this importance in mind.

Our experience in the commercial concrete field is extensive and our company has a solid reputation among the leading contractors in Kentucky. 

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